Sunday, June 27, 2010

Slender loris from KMTR shot by U. Saravana Kumar

This one was one of my female study animal. Sara (Saravana Kumar) came to visit me in field for a few days to take some good pics of my study animals. This was a young female. There was no cut markings in the pinnae of ears and no other facial cuts and marks. The nose looks pretty white and ears are yellow. As they get old their bear skins get darker. I looked at the image closely this morning to see the nose structure. Strepsirhines  such as lorises, lemurs and bushbabies have wet nose as oppose to Haplorhines . Tarsiers  have dry nose and consider as Haplorhine. However, if you look at tarsiers' nose morphology, it look much like a loris nose. I was trying to id the animal that was shown in the Bangla King Kong movie.  Intially, it looked like a slender loris. But after Brian Switek  said it is likely to be a tarsier. I looked at closely and  watched it several times, compared it with the loris images that I have. It seems like it could be a tarsier - I noticed the base of the ears in the movie looks different than loris ears and also the face is little more triangular ( but that is difficult to determine from the 2 frames in the movie). Anyway, you can join the discussion to see whether it is a loris or a tarsier!

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