Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pav bhaji ... an Indian street food

Pav bhaji ... an Indian street food, originally uploaded by lorises.

Well, pav bahaji is probably not going to disappear from the indian street vendors soon....yet I some time worry what will happen to the locally grown street food or fast food industries in India...Will multinational corporations gobble them up too?

Recipe here....

cauliflower - half of the flower head

Carrots- 2-3

mid size golden potatoes- 2

peas: fresh or frozen - 1 cup

green beans: 5-10 chopped small

onions: 2 medium sized and finely chopped

ginger/garlic: 2 table spoons

coriander/cilantro: few sprigs

butter: 100 gms

oil: 2tbs

salt: to taste

tomatoes: 3 mediun sized ones chopped finely

pav bhaji masala: 3 TBSp

Boil all the vegetables together except peas. I generally do it in the pressure cooker, take them out of the cooker and mashed them.

In a dutch oven or wok/kadhai fry the onions, ginger garlic paste. Then add the tomotoes and the pav bhaji masala mix. add the peas at this point and fry them. Now you can add boiled vegetable mix.

Let them cook for some time. Serve with chopped coriander leaves, onions and butter and dinner rolls.

p.s. Pav bahaji spice mix one can get in any Indian grocery store in th


  1. This looks really yum! Takes me back to the great time we had at Sanzari's birthday..

  2. We should do that again.... That was eight years ago! Her 9th birthday is coming up and I am wondering what to do!

  3. Nice post Kaberi. Interesting point you raise about street food in India. I have a lot of hope in the unmatchable quality and taste of street food at affordable prices..I do hope to get my pav bhaji fix for ever and ever!

  4. Thanks Chandan for the comment. I do hope that they do not disappeared like a lot of our home grown industries... a prime example is the soft drink industry. As soon as Coke and Pepsi came in all the Thumps, Fanta and other local companies were bought by the Pepsies and Coca Cola. Even goli sodas are rare specimen now! Well, they are making more money by using our resources!